Medical Prayer

GaneshjiFolded Hands

 It is indeed a tragedy of circumstances, my Lord, that 
my livleihood involves meeting People with  unbearable pain..

 But also, it is my good fortune that you have given me this 
excellent opportunity to mitigate their  suffering.

 You have cast upon my shoulders this great responsibility
 and have also given me dexterity to do it.

 Please grant me the strength, my God, to enable me to 
fulfill this task in all earnestness.

 And yet, all the while, let me have unwavering faith in you 
and let me not, ever forget that ultimately  it is you, who

 is the real great healer and the fountainhead of well
 being and that, I am merely a  medium through which your 
benevolence flows

 O! My Lord, bestow upon my patients thy healing touch.